Best Baby Sunglasses for Infants & Toddlers

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The best baby sunglasses are durable, stylish, most importantly, safe. Baby shades look adorable on your little ones, and they need to be long-lasting. However, for infants and toddlers, sunglasses are more like a health necessity than a stylish accessory.

For our list, we have selected five best sunglasses, which meet the safety requirements for your peeper and still look fabulous on them.

Babiators Aviator Sunglasses

Babiators Pink Sunglasses

Toddlers will always abuse their sunglasses. Your baby will try to scratch them, bend them, all you can imagine. That’s okay with Babiators because they are made to last. Also, polycarbonate lenses offer excellent 100% protection from UVA & UVB rays. And the best part; they have a one-year guarantee against loss and breakage.

Babiators comes in two different sizes – Junior for tots from 6 months to 3 years of age – Classic fits kids above three years. You may find them in multiple colors and with polarized lens versions.

For more info, read our full Babiators review, and to purchase them, please follow this link #aff.

Hipsterkid Baby Polarized Sunglasses

Hipsterkid sunglasses for babies

Every little hipster needs to be trained! The best way to start the transformation is by getting awesomely cool polarized Hipsterkid (also known as Mustachifier) sunglasses for your babe.

These shades offer 100% protection from harmful UVA/B rays, and if your little guy manages to destroy them, it won’t be a problem. Break it or lose it – they’ll replace it.

Sizes range from infants to little kids. Get them #aff!

BIB-ON My First Sunglasses – Wayfarer Style

My First Sunglasses for babies

Over 1-year-old toddlers are more capable of wearing sunglasses without straps. That’s the age when they probably want to look like mom or dad as well. It’s time to get iconic Wayfarer style that was made famous by Ray-Ban.

These shades are made from super flexible rubberized plastic material to withstand twisting and bending without breaking easily. And of course, 100% UV Proof baby sunglasses. BIB-ON Wayfarers comes with multiple color and size options.

These sunnies are stylish while at the same time, cute. You can buy them through this link #aff.

Tuga Baby/Toddler Sunglasses With Straps

Tuga Baby shades

Tuga baby sunglasses will grow with your child. You get two straps when you purchase these shades, one for the baby-period, second for the kids’ ages 2-5. Sunglasses also comes with a protective case.

Tuga sunglasses protects young eyes with shatterproof polycarbonate lenses, which block out 100% of both UVA + UVB sun rays. They are an excellent gift for baby showers: price and specs #aff.

Baby BANZ Polarized Sunglasses

Baby Banz sunglasses

This Australian brand features banded sunglasses for babies and kids. They will provide protection and comfort thanks to 100% UVA & UVB blocking polarized lenses.

The wraparound design prevents light from coming in from the top/sides of the frames. Baby BANZ also offers a 1-year replacement guarantee against frame or strap breakage.

Buy safe (free of toxic chemicals) Baby BANZ sunglasses #aff.

So, Which are The Best Baby Sunglasses?

Even thou it’s a matter of taste and purpose which sunglasses you should buy for your child. There are a few factors to consider that could help you decide how to purchase the best baby sunglasses for your offspring.

  • For the adventurous and action-packed child, you could consider Baby BANZ or Tuga Sunwear, mainly because they have adjustable straps and wraparound style lenses. So, they’ll be great for the beach, pool, and any outdoor activity.
  • Like to spend time with your toddler in the city and park environment? BIB-ON Wayfarers and Hipsterkids shades will be a perfect choice.
  • If you like to do both, Pick Babiators! They are all-around sunglasses for infants and toddlers.

Remember: Children who spend a lot of time near water surfaces should wear polarized sunglasses to block uncomfortable glare. All baby sunglasses on this list, except BIB-ON Wayfarers, have polarized lens options available.