Dior So Real Sunglasses Review

Probably the best Dior shades on market since fall 2014 have been Christian Dior’s So Real sunglasses. Dior So Real sunglasses collection is unisex, but you can find out that the majority of its color options from frames to lenses are aimed for women. Also, the fact that So Reals are available only in one size, narrows the chance it would ever become hugely popular among men.

Bridgeless So Real sunglasses became an overnight sensation at Dior presentation in Paris. Rihanna – Dior’s official muse – wear So Real sunglasses in this campaign. Mirrored 48mm Pantos shaped So Reals perfectly perched on her visage and the rest was history. Editors, bloggers and Rihanna fans all over the world purchased and hailed for these deconstructed pantos shape CD sunglasses.

Let’s have a first deeper insight in Dior So Real specs. Second, we’ll review a few of the most popular So Real styles, so you can find out which one is your favorite. Finally, we go thru the positive and negative aspects of them.

So Real Sunglasses Details

So Real Shades have several distinct features. Let’s have a detailed review of different components.

So Real Lenses

So Real sunglasses lenses are well known from their bicolored split mirror look. Christian Dior has designed the lenses nifty by moving the smaller area from bottom to top.

Before, the idea of having a split lens in specs was that you could see closer from the lower portion of the lens and have distance vision from the upper portion. These days, it’s mainly a design style, especially with sunglasses.

If you pay more attention to wide So Real sunglasses collection, you can find out there are 3 different kinds of lenses:

  • Mirrored – Full mirrored lenses without bicolor split mirror polish. Most popular lens color for full one colored So Real lenses is Black, Blue, Gold, Light Pink, and Silver.
  • Semi Mirrored – This bicolor combination is extremely popular. The upper part of the lens is mirror coated and the lower part has regular sunglass lens style from which you can see a little bit thru. Common colors are Silver, Blue, and Light Pink. The upper portion of the lens has usually a light shade of the particular color and lower part darker, like in the infographic of Havana So Reals.
  • Double Mirrored – Upper and lower parts of the lens are fully mirrored but also bicolored. Prevalent color combos are Silver for the top and Light Blue/Orange/Pink for the bottom. Rose Gold top along Blue bottom is also a very popular lens choice.

So Real Frames

So Real frame design style can be positioned between Cat Eye and Aviator styles. Frames around the lenses consist of two parts – eyebrows and metal top bar:

  • Eyebrows – Curved lenses are surrounded by acetate that is usually transparent or painted with Black, Havana or Navy Blue texture on most models. This part of the So Real frames is called eyebrows. Eyebrow section is another highly unique part of these Dior shades that makes them stand out from other designer sunglasses.
  • Metal – The most prominent trait in So Real shades is the lack of a bridge between the lenses. It is replaced by making the top of the frame sturdier. The over-sized and curved top bar is made of metal. General colors are Black, Gold, Silver and metalized Blue/Pink.

Temples and Nose Pads

Dior temples are known for the quality materials used to craft them. So Real temples will retain their shape, they are attached to metal frames with sturdy silver-finished hinges. Popular colors and textures are Black, Havana, Navy-Blue & White.

Inside the left arm is printed “Dior So Real” and inside the right arm, you can find “Christian Dior” logo in turn. Outside the hinges, you should see a “CD” logo on both sides.

So Real nose pieces include a holographic “CD” logo which is also a good sign along with temple and hinge logos that they are real. Make sure the print quality is superb. Nose pads are usually transparent or colored with Blue, Dark Yellow or Pink.

Dior So Real Sizes

So Real sunnies comes with one size only. The model is unisex but more focused on women due to the limited size and feminine color selection.

  • Lens width: 48 mm
  • Bridge width (width between the nose pads): 22 mm
  • Temple length: 140 mm

How to Know if Your So Reals are Fake?

Real Christian Dior So Real sunglasses comes in a white plastic box which you can find from inside the Dior branded card box. Plastic box contains branded cloth and dust bag, along with the sunglasses and their warranty. They are made in Italy.

Popular Dior So Real Shades

Even though So Real sunglasses comes with one size only, they have numerous different color and texture combinations which makes them all look and feel extremely unique. As described before there are 5 distinct components, from lenses to nose pads, that may vary in color texture and coating.

Which one is the best is a matter of taste, but we will represent here a few high selling models.

Dior So Real Sunglasses Black Palladium

Shiny Black Dior So Reals with mirrored smoky colored lenses and palladium frames are one of the hottest on market. Black is one of the most selling sunglass colors on any design and it makes no difference with So Reals. While wearing these you will have a look that commands attention.

Dior So Real Black

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Christian Dior So Real Gold Crystal Black

Christian Dior So Real Gold Cat Eye sunglasses with full mirrored lenses. The mixture of gold lenses, transparent eyebrow parts, gold metal frames, black temples, and blue nose pads appeals to many classy women who are after quality high-end designer shades. These sunglasses will be a conversation starter when you meet other people.

Dior So Real Gold

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Silver Havana So Reals

So Real Silver Havana Frames with double mirrored lenses. Dark Yellow nose pads, spotty Havana textured eyebrows and arms makes these sunglasses edgy and sophisticated but still extremely chic! These pairs will match many outfits and they look very sexy.

Silver/Havana So Reals

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Is Dior So Reals Worth The Money?

For all designer sunglasses priced as high as Dior’s So Reals, it’s always a debate are they worth the money. We have listed here positive and negative factors of So Real shades to help you decide to purchase or not.

Positive factors:

  • Design: It’s hard to find such a unique sunglass design ever made. So Real design has 3 highly distinctive features that make them stand out – cool bicolor split mirror lenses, curved & metallic upper frame without a bridge, and unusual eyebrow part between those previous two areas.
  • Fit: There are false statements all over the internet about what kind of face shapes are best for So Real sunglasses. Its lenses are round so they fit perfectly for oval and square face shapes. While the frame design is somewhere between a Cat Eye and Aviator style, it makes So Real shades fit nicely also for diamond and heart-shaped faces. Only face shape that perhaps isn’t the best with So Real frames is round. You may want to read more about how to match sunglasses with your face shape from here.
  • Materials: As you would expect from high-end sunglasses, So Reals are made from expensive and strong materials. Unlike some other designer glasses, these are made to stay firm on your face. Hinges, temples and top frame are sturdy but still lightweight. You won’t notice the lack of a bridge.
  • Cool: Dior So Real shades’ extravagant shape is sophisticated and classy, but the same time very chic and sexy, especially with proper color/texture mix. Widely coveted by celebrities from Rihanna to Selena Gomez, and they’re made to be worn in almost every occasion.
  • “Wow!” factor: Almost every time you wear Dior So Reals you will be asked by people around you “where you get those”, “how much they cost”, “what’s the brand”. You will hear compliments, a lot!

Negative factors:

  • Price: Same story with every designer shades – they cost very much. In most stores starting price for So Real sunglasses is $400. Yes, unfortunately, quality cost. That’s why you won’t see them on every person’s face which turns out to be a good thing in the end
  • Futuristic: It’s a matter of taste and only some of us think So Reals may look too cool or too futuristic. If you feel they wouldn’t fit your style, you may want to think twice. We’re not talking about $20 shades – Dior’s are more like an investment.
  • Size: One size leaves persons with wide or big head just dreaming of these Dior’s. Also, people with a very small or narrow face may feel they are too large for them.
  • Target group: So Real sunglasses claim to be unisex but in practice, they are targeted for women. Most colorways and apparent feminine design make them unwearable for most male face shapes.