Female Celebrity Face Shapes & Sunglasses

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How female celebrities match their sunglasses with their face shape? What’s the most convenient way for ordinary people to find accessories like sunglasses to fit their style? To follow world-famous celebrities from fashion models to movie stars and similar trendsetters, of course. They have the best stylists and lots of money, so why not let them do the “work” for us.

It’s time to reveal what designer sunglasses top female celebrities wear and what kind of face shapes they have. If you have similar facial features as your favorite celeb has, the table below will go for a guide to find perfect shades for you.

What Sunglasses Celebrity Women Wear?

As it’s a great debate among stylists and other fashion professionals what kind of face shape each celebrity has. Therefore, we represent two alternatives for some individuals. Primary face shape, our expert opinion. And secondary face shape in parenthesis, arguable second-hand source.

A typical example is Khloé Kardashian. Before her face shape was pretty much round, but after she drops some weight, her face shape became oval. It depends on who you ask.

In the sunglasses column, we give from one to three different sunglasses brands that each celebrity wears while shopping, on a night out, and similar situations. All celebs are sorted alphabetically by their first name/stage name in the table.

Here come our 100 celebrities matched with seven different face shapes (diamond, heart, round, oblong, oval, square, triangle). Along with several well-known designer sunglasses brands they endorse.

Celebrity Face Shape Sunglasses
Adriana Lima Round Chanel 5143, Roberto Cavalli #aff
Alessandra Ambrosio Oval (Oblong) Céline Baby Audrey, Michael Kors Villefranche, Ray-Ban Aviator 3025
Ali Larter Triangular Chanel 4789TQ Aviators, Persol PO 2914S, Ralph Lauren 8070
Alice Dellal Oblong Bvlgari, Chelsea Catseye, Chanel
Alyssa Milano Heart Ray-Ban 3387
Angelina Jolie Square Dolge&Gabbana Aviators, Ray-Ban Aviators, Tom Ford Whitney
Anna Kendrick Oval Ray-Ban 4171 Erika, Ray-Ban 3016M
Ashlee Simpson Oblong Miu Miu 05IS, Ray-Ban 2140 Wayfarers, Solstice
Ashley Benson Diamond Diff Eyewear Dime, Prada, Westward Leaning
Ashley Greene Diamond (Heart) Bvlgari 8113B, Hogan 0001, Oakley Frogskins
Beyonce Knowles Heart (Oval) Mykita, Ray-Ban 3016 Clubmaster, The Row 82
Blake Lively Oblong Oliver Peoples Zooey, Ray-Ban Original Wayfarers, Ray-Ban Aviators
Brie Larson Square Oliver Peoples Sir O’Malley Sun
Cameron Diaz Oval (Round) Ashbury, Ray-Ban Aviators, Stella McCartney 4040
Catherine Zeta-Jones Round  Alexander McQueen 4147, Chanel 5211H, Dior Glossy 1
Charlize Theron Oval CK 4156S, Dolce and Gabbana 4233, Tom Ford Ace
Charlotte Church Round Ray-Ban 2132 New Wayfarer
Cheryl Cole Heart John Galliano, Ray-Ban 2140 Wayfarer, Ray-Ban Cats 5000
Christina Ricci Heart (Round) Ray-Ban RB3030, Tom Ford Cat Eye
Cindy Crawford Oval John Varvatos, Oliver Peoples Strummer
Claudia Schiffer Diamond Aviators, Prada 62LS, Ray-Ban Cats 1000
Courtney Cox Oval Chanel
Demi Moore Square Celine New Butterfly, Oliver Peoples Josselyn, Tom Ford Whitney
Drew Barrymore Round Ray-Ban 2140 Wayfarer, Ray-Ban Aviator 3025, Ray-Ban Cats 1000
Elizabeth Hurley Diamond Gucci, Salvatore Ferragamos
Elle Macpherson Oval Ray-Ban 3025 Aviators, Ray-Ban 2140 Wayfarer, Victoria Beckham
Emma Watson Oval Chanel 5131HE, Chanel Pearl, Ray-Ban Wayfarer 2140
Eva Longoria Heart Chanel 5076H, Dior Jupon 2, Tom Ford Jennifer
Eva Mendes Triangular Blinde, Thierry Lasry, Vogue 2729S
Ginnifer Goodwin Round Illesteva Leonard
Gisele Bundchen Oblong Chanel 5288Q, Ray-Ban 2140 Wayfarer, Tom Ford Marko
Gwyneth Paltrow Heart (Oblong) Ray-Ban Cats 5000, Ray-Ban Aviators, Ray-Ban RB3030 Outdoorsman
Halle Berry Diamond (Heart) Dsquared, Balenciaga 0015S, Ralph Lauren
Hayden Panettiere Round Ray-Ban 2132 Wayfarer, Ray-Ban 2140 Wayfarer
Hilary Duff Oblong Dior So Real, Fendi 0087S, Ray-Ban 2140 Wayfarer
Hilary Swank Oblong Persol, Ray-Ban 2140
Irina Shayk Oval Celine Large Original, Celiné Caty, Ray-Ban Aviator 3025 #aff
Isla Fisher Round Oliver Peoples Dulaine
Jaime King Round Celiné Marta, Versace 4253
Jennifer Aniston Heart (Triangular) Oliver Peoples O’Malley, Ray-Ban 3025 Aviator, Tom Ford Jennifer #aff
Jennifer Garner Oblong Bvlgari 8098B, Celiné Radical, Prada 27LS
Jennifer Lawrence Heart Cutler and Gross, Calvin Klein, Tom Ford
Jennifer Lopez Heart Burberry 3049, Dior 0148S Aviators, Gucci 4217
Jennifer Love Hewitt Diamond (Heart) Ray-Ban 4140 and 3267
Jessica Alba Oval (Oblong) Dior Mirrored, Ray-Ban 4246 Clubround, Vogue 2795S
Jessica Biel Oval Oakley Holbrook, Oliver Peoples Zooey, Tom Ford Carli
Jessica Simpson Square Dior Glossy 1, Dolce and Gabbana 4016, Gucci 3509
Jodie Foster Triangular Mykita
Julia Roberts Oval Oliver Peoples Patten, Ray-Ban Meteor, Ray-Ban Caravan
Julia Stiles Round Tom Ford Mackenzie, Valentino V611S
Julianne Hough Heart Chanel 4186, Oliver Peoples Aero, Prada 12PS
Kate Beckinsale Oblong  Oliver Peoples Anisette, Ray-Ban 3025 Aviator, Tiffany 3021 Aviators
Kate Bosworth Round Burberry Aviators, Celiné Strat, Ray-Ban 3025
Kate Moss Round Dior Panther 1, Ray-Ban Wayfarers, Stella McCartney 4016
Katie Holmes Square Oliver Peoples Lipsofire, Ray-Ban Aviators, Stella McCartney 4038
Katy Perry Oval Chanel 5270, Ralph Lauren 8112, Ray-Ban Wayfarer 2140
Kelly Osbourne Square Alexander Wang, Ray-Ban Wayfarers, Tom Ford Nikita
Kendall Jenner Heart Ray-Ban Aviator 3025
Khloe Kardashian Oval (Round) Chanel 6043, Ray-Ban Aviator, Victoria Beckham Classic Aviator
Kim Kardashian Heart Celiné ZZ Top, Ray-Ban Original Wayfarers #aff, Tom Ford Ace
Kim Raver Oblong Aviator style sunglasses
Kirsten Dunst Round Prada 11LS, Ray-Ban 3016 Clubmaster, Stella McCartney 4038
Kourtney Kardashian Diamond (Heart) Prada 27NS, Ray-Ban 3025 Aviator, Tom Ford Nikita
Kris Jenner Heart Celiné Radical, Dior So Real, Tom Ford Liane
Kristen Stewart Oval Oliver Peoples Delray Sun, Oliver Peoples Sir O’Malley, Ray-Ban 2140 Wayfarer
Kylie Jenner Square Dior Reflected, Miu Miu 12QS Wink, Tom Ford Grace
Lily Aldridge Square Celiné 41082s, Ray-Ban Clubmaster, Ray-Ban 3447 Round Metal
Linda Evangelista Diamond Chanel, Hogan, Prada
Lisa Kudrow Oblong Ray-Ban Aviator, Tom Ford Jennifer
Liv Tyler Oblong Miu Miu 03PS Glow, Ray-Ban 2140 Wayfarer, Stella McCartney 4011
Lorde Heart Celine Marta, Celiné Papillon, Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer 2140
Madonna Diamond Ray-Ban Wayfarers, Thierry Lasry, Westward Leaning
Mary-Kate Olsen Heart Ray-Ban Aviator, Ray-Ban Wayfarer, Versace 4099B,
Meg Ryan Diamond Serengeti Leggero
Megan Fox Oval Ray-Ban Aviator 3025, Ray-Ban Original 2140
Mila Kunis Round Dior, Mosley Tribes Raynes, Ray-Ban 3025
Milla Jovovich Oblong Prada 59MS
Miranda Kerr Square Louis Vuitton Anemone, Prada Heritage Cat-Eye, Stella McCartney
Naomi Campbell Heart Burberry 4203, Tom Ford Nicole, Victoria Beckham Feather Butterfly
Naomi Watts Square Bvlgari 6073B, Celiné Original, Ray-Ban New Wayfarer 2132
Nicole Richie Heart Celiné New Audrey, House of Harlow Cary, Ray-Ban 3447 Round
Olivia Wilde Square Dsquared 0046, Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer 2140, Ray-Ban Aviator 3025
Peaches Geldof Oblong Pearl Beige, Ray-Ban Jackie Ohh II, Ray-Ban Original Wayfarers
Reese Witherspoon Heart Celiné Catherine Small, Oakley Frogskins, Ray-Ban Cockpit
Renee Zellweger Triangular (Square) Ray-Ban Cockpit, Ray-Ban Cathy Clubmaster, Ray-Ban 3044 Small Aviator
Rihanna Oval (Diamond) Dior So Real #aff, Miu Miu Pentagon, Carrera Endurance
Rosario Dawson Square Oliver Peoples Daddy B
Sandra Bullock Square Persol 3023, Oliver Peoples Isabel
Sarah Jessica Parker Oblong Alexander McQueen 4126, Jimmy Choo Georgie, Ray-Ban 4099
Scarlett Johansson Heart Karen Walker Northern Lights, Ray-Ban RB4168 Meteor, Tom Ford Martina
Selena Gomez Round (Heart) Celine Baby Audrey, Dior So Real, Ray-Ban 2140 Wayfarers
Serena Williams Diamond Dolce and Gabbana 4033
Shilpa Shetty Diamond Dior Belladior, Missoni
Taylor Swift Oval (Heart) Prada 21IS, Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer, Ray-Ban 3016 Clubmaster
Teri Hatcher Oblong Chanel Aviators
Tori Spelling Square Oliver Peoples, Prada 62LS
Tyra Banks Oval (Diamond) Dior Glossy 1
Uma Thurman Oblong (Oval) Burberry 4102, Prada 27NS, Versace 2098
Victoria Beckham Heart Victoria Beckham sunglasses: Audrey, Petite Aviator, Feminine Square
Viola Davis Diamond Tom Ford Daphne

Figure Out Your Face Shape to Find Perfect Shades

Knowing your face shape will help you choose proper sunglasses to underline your facial features in the right way. Not only that, figuring out your face shape will help you detect the most flattering makeup and hairstyle for you. It will help you choose the right pair of jewelry as well.

How to know what face shape you have? Want to know how to match the right pair of sunglasses with your unique facial features? Learn that from our guide behind this link.