Ray-Ban Replacement Lenses for Sunglasses

Authentic Ray-Ban replacement lenses are often difficult to find. Quality brands like Ray-Ban are obviously more interested to design and distribute new models to sell than advising customers to repair their broken sunglasses.

Lucky for you, there are high quality lens replacements crafted in the USA that’ll fit perfectly for your Ray-Bans. It’s time to purchase new Ray-Ban replacement lenses today and give your sunglasses a new life! So, read on to see from where to get them.

Ray-Ban Replacement Lenses by LenzFlip

Ray-Ban replacement lenses RB2132

LenzFlip replacement lenses are precisely cut in US based high-tech facility using precision lens edging technology. Their lenses have protection against UV rays built within the polycarbonate material itself.

With LenzFlip replacement lenses you get 4 layers of protection for your Ray-Ban sunglasses. Optical quality polycarbonate inner layer. High efficiency polarized film layer and another layer of polycarbonate (this one with 100% UV protection). Outer coating is made to be scratch resistant.

All lenses go through some serious testing to ensure their quality. Search LenzFlip replacement lenses for your Ray-Bans.

Replacement Lenses for Ray-Ban Shades by Revant

Three different replacement lenses for Ray-Bans

Sunglasses replacement lenses crafted by Revant offers superior clarity, protection, and reliability for your Ray-Bans. They use advanced technical engineering at their very own lab in the USA. Each pair of lenses go through rigorous testing and quality inspections.

Revant replacement lenses comes with 4 promises:

Perfect fit. LockFit Technology enable exact measurements for a secure fit that locks in tight.

Defined clarity. Lenses are crafted from premium materials and tested for perfect resolution.

Crucial protection. Blocks 100% of harmful UV rays and meets or exceeds ANSI Z80.3 impact resistance standards.

Strong durability. Anti-Scratch hard coating for added durability comes with every lens.

Check polarized and non-polarized Ray-Ban replacement lenses manufactured by Revant.

Ikon Replacement Lenses for Ray-Bans

Ray-Ban replacement lenses (red) by Ikon

Ikon lenses are also designed, manufactured, and tested in the USA. Lenses are made from injected molded polycarbonate. Plus they incorporate the newest polarization and anti-glare features to protect your eyes and reduce eyestrain.

Ikon replacement lenses exceeds ANSI Z80.3 & Z87.1 standards. Blocks all harmful UV rays. They are anti-reflective, scratch protected and taper corrected. Infused polarized film technology eliminates the need for glues.

Ikon guarantees 2-year warranty against manufacture defects and effective customer service. That accompanied with low price and free shipping & returns, makes picking Ikon lenses very tempting.

View wide collection of Ray-Ban sunglass replacement lenses by Ikon.

Which Replacement Lenses to Pick

All three companies offer high quality lenses for your Ray-Ban shades. Every pair purchased from them, locks in tight. So, it’s totally up to you which one to choose.

Knowledge that Ikon, Revant and LenzFlip have a huge selection of lenses. You may need to spend some time to find the best color and size for your needs.

The most important thing when buying Ray-Ban replacement lenses is to know how to order right pair to avoid tiring return-process. Read our instructions how to buy correct Ray-Ban replacement parts. If you need help replacing your lenses, feel free to check our Ray-Ban lens repair guide.